Any insurance is designed to manage risks in the event of unpredictable incidents like accidents, damage to the property and environment or loss of theft. When it comes to sea cargo, the stakes are even higher as all factors are involved in the operation. Marine insurance is very critical part of the logistics services. For a country like Nepal, the shipping and forwarding is a long process and the risk involved are high due to the multimode transport involved. For businesses which import and export through sea port, marine insurance provide financial security. It is the best option for any business. Marine Insurance safeguard the logistics property from any physical damage and losses which occurs during the cargo passage through the ocean. It is very good option for all business type to have the marine insurance for the financial security of the business.

If anything goes wrong during the process of import and export, the insurance company will bear full or partial loss depending upon the type of the insurance done. It also depends upon the amount of premium amount. Nepal is a landlocked country and we are hugely dependent in import from India, the import and export is a time consuming process so the risk associated during the logistics is very high compared to the country having their own port. Many of our branch has benefited from the Marine Insurance service.

We have a branch office in Kolkata port. We understand the risk associated with the logistics service and we make sure that your cargo will reach to you as safely as possible.United Shipping and Forwarding service is known for the quality service to our customer. We assist our esteemed clients which import and export high value goods. Our marine insurance service is very cost effective and reliable. We associated with renounced insurance service provider.

Marine Insurance